Candle & Leather Care

Candle Care 
- Do not burn your candle for any more than 3-4 hours at a time
- Trim wicks to ¼ inch each time before burning
- Keep candles out of reach of children and pets
- Never leave a lit candle unattended
- Keep burning candles away from drafts
- Always place your candles onto a heat resistance surface away from anything flammable

Leather Care
-Keep leather stored away from direct sunlight or heat. 
-Clean leather regularly by wiping down with a wet cloth or even a paper towel. 
-Use a leather conditioner every 3-6 months depending on how regularly you use your product.
-Don't immerse leather in water to clean.
-Don't tumble dry leather.

Look after your leather and your leather will look after you! 

Beeswax Facts
Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned and those ions help to neutralise pollutants in the air. This helps eliminate dust, odours and mould in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anybody nearby.

Beeswax candles not only burn cleaner than any other candle wax but they also burn brighter with a beautiful warm glow. They emit a natural light of the same light spectrum as the sun. 

They also do not need any added chemicals or scents as they already have a beautiful, subtle honey aroma. They get their scent from the nectar and honey that was originally stored in their honeycomb. Therefore the scents and colours of the beeswax change slightly depending on what the bees were pollinating. 

Australia is super lucky that Varroa mites (which are tiny pests that have killed colonies world wide) have not spread to our country yet. Once varroa mites have spread bee keepers need to treat their colonies with miticides, because we do not have this problem, Australia has the purest beeswax in the world! I always use 100% Pure Australian Beeswax. Beeswax candles may be more expensive as opposed to your cheap supermarket paraffin candles (which are literally made out of petroleum) but the benefits of burning a beeswax candle far outweigh the price tag. 

Leather Facts

Most of my leather products are made out of "Vegetable tanned leather". Vegetable tanned leather "Veg tanned" refers to the tannage, or method of tanning the cowhide into leather. "Vegetable" because of the natural tannins used in the tanning process like tree bark. It is one of the oldest methods of tanning known to man. 

Veg tanned leather patinas over time. Like your skin, the natural leather will begin to tan when it is exposed to sunlight. This just shows it is a completely natural product and gives it some more character! 

Veg tanned leather is considered higher quality as it has the best durability. It is built to last. Buying a quality veg tanned leather product is an investment that will last you a lifetime.