How do I give my belt measurements? 
Please do NOT give me your pants size. These are not accurate when it comes to measuring belts. The best way to get your most accurate measurement will be using a tape measure and measuring your waist where you'd like the belt to sit comfortably. Send me your measurements in cm's or inches in the "notes" at checkout. Your measurement will be the middle hole on the belt. I will then add 2 bigger holes (1 inch apart) and 2 smaller holes (1 inch apart) which leaves you with 5 different holes for comfort as it is normal for our human bodies to fluctuate. If you need more help please feel free to contact me!

My belt is for a gift. How do I get their measurements without ruining the surprise? 
Grab a belt they already use and measure it from the tip of the buckle all the way to the hole they use the most. (Use "Waist Length" as seen in this image below). This will then be the measurement for the middle hole and I will do the same process as stated above. Add measurements in cm's or inches in "notes" at checkout.