Entwined Candle

Entwined Candle

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Inspired by the medieval candle called “Duplero” (from the latin “duplex,” or double) I have hand dipped two tapers and carefully combined them as one, the most poetic candle really. Burn it with a lover, a friend, family, or burn it to celebrate yourself! You deserve it. 

Candle length is around 9 inches. Because it is double wicked, which means double the flame it burns a lot faster than a regular taper. Approximately 2 hours per candle so set your intentions and enjoy! Please put the candle out before it reaches the candle holder. 

Beeswax candles neutralise pollutants. They produce negative ions when burned. This helps eliminate dust, odours, and mould in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby.

No added fragrance but has an amazing natural subtle honey aroma.

Due to beeswax being a complete natural product each candle may vary in colour and scent depending on what the bees were pollinating at the time. 

Taper candle tips: Because every candle size is different and every candle holder will have a slightly different diameter there are some tips I've learnt over the years to make any candle fit into your holder! 
For candles that are too small: There are "candle snuggers" that are on the market but if you are looking for something you already have at home pop some aluminium foil around the base of your candle to create a snug fit! 
For candles that are too big: Carefully using a knife slightly shave the bottom of your candle always shaving downwards. 
To make your candle sit upright: Melt a tiny bit of the bottom of your candle into the holder until it drips and then quickly push the candle into the holder and it will set. 

100% cotton wick, 100% Pure Australian Beeswax 

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